Haighs Chocolates

Alfred E. Haigh, who was very much the entrepreneur, founded Haigh's Chocolates. Born in Adelaide in 1877, he moved to Mount Gambier in 1905 with his wife and baby son and opened a sweets,cold drink and ice-cream shop in the Blue Lake City, with the shop and factory in Wehl Street, Alfred introduced the town to ice-cream and silent picture shows – a great combination. He closed the premises in the 1920s and moved to Adelaide. In Adelaide, Alfred set up shop in the City at the Beehive building, where you'll still find Haigh's today.

His grandson, John Haigh, returned to Mount Gambier in the 1950s, opening counters within the Kings Theatre and Odeon Cinema, where "tray boys" and "tray girls" walked the aisles to tempt audiences into purchasing Haigh's products. He remained in Mount Gambier for many years, closing the outlet in 1969. Many locals still remember purchasing the iconic chocolates at the pictures. 

The company has since opened another five stores in Adelaide, six in Melbourne and one in Sydney. To coincide with the opening of the Main Corner, Haigh's Chocolates have again become available for sale in Mount Gambier with a mini outlet in the place where it all began at the Main Corner. 

For further information please phone the Main Corner reception on 8721 2563.

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