Information related to Procedures for Citizenship
  1. Information can be obtained by contacting the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on 131880 or by email
  2. The website provides information and answers questions ranging from how to Apply for Citizenship, an Overview of the Citizenship Test including How To Prepare for the Test, Where You Can Sit the Test, Fees, How to Track the Progress of your Application etc.
  3. Application Forms are no longer issued from Council
  4. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will notify you of the results of your Test and in turn, they will notify Council - via a Citizenship Ceremony Planning Report.
  5. When Council receives this Report, you will be contacted by telephone and advised of the date of the next scheduled Citizenship Ceremony. The details of the Ceremony will then be sent to you in a letter from Council.
  6. Depending on the number of people participating in the Ceremony, it can be held in the Mayoral Chambers of the Civic Centre or in the City Hall Building.
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