Building Assessment


Building Rules assessment involves the technical assessment of a proposal for compliance with the Building Code of Australia and other relevant Australian Standards. In general, the Building Code covers such issues as:

  • Structural Adequacy
  • Fire Safety
  • Health and Amenity
  • Access for people with disabilities
  • Energy Efficinecy

By lodging your Development Application with the City of Mount Gambier for Planning Assessment, Building Assessment and Development Approval, Council is able to consider the applications at the same time, ensuring that plans are consistent from Planning to Building Consent and Development Approval.

The process allows a streamlined approach to the assessment of your application, ensuring efficiencies in the issuing of your Development Approval. Additionally, the Building Team, through Council's Building Fire Safety Committee, also undertake inspections in accordance with Council's inspection policy and deal with issues relating to Building Fire Safety, particularly on those buildings where members of the public stay or gather for recreational or social purposes.

We also undertake inspections of unsafe buildings and structures to ensure their structural integirty and where necessary issue emergency order to remove/repair any dangerous structures.


Definition of Building Works as per Development Act 1993 Part 1 Section 4    
Definition of Excavation as per Development Act 1993 Part 6 Division 3 Section 60    
Certificate of Occupancy Information    


Council maintains a system of Asbestos registers for all Council owned and leased buildings. Council's asbestos register program covers the identification of suspect materials through inspection, testing of suspect materials, creation of registers, maintenance of registers and re-inspection on an annual basis in all buildings. Where a building contains asbestos a register must be displayed and suspect materials must be labelled.

Council is committed to raising the awareness of all groups using Council's buildings to asbestos issues. And to assisting these groups in identify the asbestos products in the building and facilitating the safe handling procedures for asbestos. Asbestos registers have identified the location, the extent and type of asbestos contained within all buildings on Council property.


The Waste Transfer Station will accept Non-friable Asbestos. Before transporting the Asbestos must be wrapped and sealed in two (2) layers of 0.2 mm thick impact resistant plastic such as concreter’s plastic and kept damp.  At least 24 hours notice must be given to the Waste Transfer Station.

City of Mount Gambier Waste Transfer Station
1 Eucalypt Drive - (08) 8723 9257

Monday - Friday       7.30am - 12.00pm
Saturday - Sunday   2.00pm - 5.00pm
Public Holidays         Closed

For further disposal information please refer the below leaflet - Asbestos - EPA Guidelines
Asbestos - EPA Guidelines(85 kb)


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