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The City of Mount Gambier is the legal owner of the lands, buildings and facilities at Carinya Gardens Cemetery and part of Sections H and J at Lake Terrace Cemetery, however the Mount Gambier Cemetery Trust undertakes the care, control and management of same. The Trust usually meets quarterly and is made up of the following representatives: 

  • two Members of the City of Mount Gambier;
  • one Member of the District Council of Grant;
  • one representative of the Churches of Mount Gambier and nominated by the Mount Gambier Ministers Association;
  • one community representative. 


The land for the Cemetery and Crematorium now known as Carinya Gardens Cemetery (which means 'a happy peaceful home') was purchased in the late 1950's and comprises approximately 11 hectares. 

  • The gardens were dedicated as a cemetery on 8th January 1967.
  • The first burial took place on 28th December 1966 (Mary Victoria Smith - Cypress Garden, Allotment A13).  
  • All burial allotments at Carinya Gardens Cemetery are leased out for a period of 75 years.
  • Since the first burial at Carinya Gardens Cemetery in December 1966, there have been 6,656 burials (to 30th June 2016).
  • Approximately 120 burials take place at Carinya Gardens Cemetery per year. 


  • Development of a crematorium at Carinya Gardens Cemetery was commenced in 1985 at a cost of $395,000.
  • The Mayor at the time, Mayor Don McDonnell, officially opened the crematorium on 5th April 1997, and since that time 5,459 cremations have taken place (to 30th June 2016).
  • Approximately 300 cremations take place at Carinya Gardens Crematorium per year. 


  • The Trust has developed areas for the interment of cremated remains. Memorial areas include rotunda, waterfall areas, rose gardens and other gardens, block niche wall and rustic (granite) niche wall.
  • A licence for the lease of an allotment in a memorial area is granted for a period of 25 years. 


  • Council has made available to the Trust, a portion of Section H and Section J at the southern section of the Lake Terrace Cemetery for use for burials.
  • A concrete burial vault section was first established at the portion of Section H and then a ground burial section was made available for use at Section J, being at the most western end of this area.
  • Burial allotments (Section J) were made available for use from 1st July 1999 and 32 burials have since taken place, together with 27 advance leases being pre-sold. The first burial to take place in this section occurred on 4th May 2001.
  • 60 concrete burial vaults have been constructed at the H Section of Lake Terrace Cemetery. The first burial in Section H (vault allotments) was undertaken on 6th May 1997 and 56 vault burials have since taken place, together with 12 advance leases for pre-need vaults being sold. 


The office hours at Carinya Gardens Cemetery are from 9.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

Trust Secretary, Cheryl McCombe, can be contacted on:
Telephone (08) 8725 3099
Facsimile (08) 8725 9042
Email carinyagardens@mountgambier.sa.gov.au

Burial Brochure 2016-2017(483 kb)
Cremation Brochure 2016-2017(638 kb)
Carinya Map(1146 kb)
Plaque Order Form(79 kb)
Flower and Ornament Policy(44 kb)
Lake Terrace Cemetery Section Map(22 kb)
Lake Terrace Cemetery Conservation Management Plan(1724 kb)





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