Use of Community Spaces


There are many picturesque spaces available to be accessed by the community, which could provide the location for your next community event or special occasion.

  • Blue Lake Sports Park
  • Blue Lake surrounds
  • Cave Garden
  • Elizabeth Knight Reserve (Laundry Building)
  • Frew Park
  • Hastings Cunningham Reserve
  • Leg of Mutton Lake
  • Marist Park
  • Railway Lands
  • Umpherston Sinkhole gardens (upper and lower level)
  • Valley Lake (including Brownes Lake)
  • Vansittart Park gardens (including rotunda)
  • Vansittart Park Oval


Council has many accessible parklands perfect for private gatherings, including a family get together, birthday party, wedding ceremony or socialising with friends. If your preferred space is being used by another group please make sure that your group can be easily moved, as exclusive use is not provided for private gatherings.

Council takes great care in providing community spaces for the community to visit and to ensure these locations are maintained at all times, the below list sets out the rules for all private activities:

  • items such as chairs, tables and small free standing shades (up to 3m x 3m) are allowed and you are responsible for any safety aspects relating to the items
  • use of confetti, rose petals, rice or the release of items and/or materials that can pollute the environment and harm wildlife are not permitted (i.e. helium filled balloons and sky lanterns)
  • the area must be left in a clean and tidy condition, with any rubbish removed immediately
  • vehicles are not to be driven on grassed areas and any loading/unloading must occur within approved parking zones

It is recommended to check Council’s ‘What’s On’ calendar for a guide to community and major events taking place within the City, noting that this calendar is a guide and may not show all events.

If a major event is on, please note there may be restricted access to the general public or road closures.


Vansittart Park garden area is also a War Memorial area and to ensure due respect is paid to this area Council has created an event Exclusion Zone.

Under no circumstances shall any activity be undertaken within the Vansittart Park Event Exclusion Zone(173 kb)


Some events and activities on Council land require a Special Events Permit to be issued by Council. A Special Events Permit is required to ensure public safety at larger events is appropriately managed. Special Events Permit allow Council to monitor activity at community spaces, however any authorisation does not grant exclusive use to the area and Council or the applicant cannot restrict the public in any way. Major events, on occasion, will have restrictions in place such as road closures or licensed areas allowing limited access.

The following activities require a Special Event Permit for use of a Community Space(63 kb) 

  • events conducted for the purpose of marketing, promoting or selling a service or product, or for providing entertainment for profit or any commercial activity
  • catering of food
  • serving of alcohol
  • amusement rides
  • showing of animals
  • marquees
  • jumping castles
  • access to Council provided services (power and water) 

A Special Events Permit must be submitted by an incorporated body or community organisation.

An event for the purpose of marketing, promoting or selling a service or product, or for providing entertainment for profit, will incur a fee of $150.00.


Due to the limited vehicle entry points to the Valley Lake, Brownes Lake, Leg of Mutton Lake and Marist Park on catastrophic fire ban days these areas will be closed and no event can be held at these locations.  On severe fire ban days smoking is not permitted and vehicles are not to park on grassed areas. 


The Cave Garden and Vansittart Park are dry zone areas and alcohol is not permitted.

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