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The City of Mount Gambier promotes good food safety practices, to prevent food poisoning through education, site visits and awareness raising activities. Raising awareness about safe food handling practices is important for both the food industry and general community. On this page you will find information under the following headings:

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Current Food Recall InformationFood Standards Australia New Zealand
Industry Food Safety Invite(48 kb)

Ninety food handlers undertake food safety training
City of Mount Gambier hosted two accredited TAFE SA Food Safety Short Courses on Monday, 20th March 2017.  The afternoon and evening sessions were attended by food handlers from food businesses including volunteers from sporting clubs and charity groups.  The course covers requirements under the Australian New Zealand Food Safety Standards Chapter 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 and highlights obligations of the food business owner and food handlers.  Improved food safety skills and knowledge of food handlers helps protect the community from potential food borne illness.  Another session for the course is being planned for 2017 and will be widely promoted once finalised.


Under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, all persons undertaking or supervising food handling operations (including food businesses, sporting clubs, charities and not-for profit organisations) are required to have skills and knowledge of food safety and food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activities. The City of Mount Gambier provides a number of options to assist in gaining skills and knowledge as outlined in the Food Safety Training fact sheet below.

Tafe SA Food Safety Short Course - 25/09/2017(510 kb)
Free Online Food Safety Training - I'm Alert 
Food Safety Training Tech Sheet(68 kb)


All food businesses (including charities, fundraising events and festivals) must notify Council of their contact details and the nature of their food business through completing a Food Business Notification Form prior to commencing food handling operations.  Please ensure your food business notification details are kept up to date with Council.

Food premises are routinely inspected by the City of Mount Gambier Council for food handling and hygiene practices. Council undertakes food safety inspections to ensure that premises are complying with the Food Safety Standards of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

To assist commencing businesses a New Food Business fact sheet has been developed as a guide and is available on this page under Local Food Safety Fact Sheets. It is recommended that prior to commencing a business you make an appointment with Authorised Officers to discuss requirements under the SA Food Act, SA Food Regulations and Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. A Food Safety Information Kit may be provided which contains a copy of relevant standards, fact sheets, Food Business Notification form and training DVD. Authorised Officers are available to meet onsite at proposed premises and provide guidance on suitability of existing infrastructure and renovations required to comply with relevant legislation.

Food Business Notificaiton Form(85 kb)
Food Premises - Checklist for fit-out(64 kb)
Volunteers Food Donation Form(115 kb)
Temporary Event - Food Notification Form(154 kb)

Food Safety Newsletters
Food Safety Newsletter 007 - Issued September 2017(192 kb)
Food Safety Newsletter 006 - Issued February 2017(72 kb)
Food Safety Newsletter 005 - Issued October 2016(786 kb)
Food Safety Newsletter 004 - Issued February 2016(358 kb)

Food Safety Newsletter 003 - Issued October 2015(247 kb)
Food Safety Newsletter 002 - Issued February 2015 (300 kb)
Food Safety Newsletter 001 - Issued October 2014(209 kb)
Food Business Food Safety Update – Upcoming training dates and food handler with gastrointestinal illness fact sheet(441 kb)

Local Food Safety Fact Sheets
New Food Business Tech Sheet(76 kb)
Home Based Food Businesses Tech Sheet(61 kb)
BBQ & Sausage Sizzle Tech Sheet(157 kb)

SA Health Food Safety Bulletins
SA Health Communication - Issue 32 - 2017 Home Business Activities(504 kb)
Food Safety Rating Scheme - Information for Businesses - April 2016(368 kb)
Food Safety Rating Scheme - Example of SA Health Inspection Report with weighted scoring for food businesses(153 kb)
Using Thermometers in Food - Fact Sheet(111 kb)
Hand Washing - Fact Sheet(111 kb)
Provision of Hand Wash Facilities - Issue 5A - September 2011(485 kb)
Food Preparation Cleaning and Sanitising - Fact Sheet(112 kb)
Egg Safety - Issue 27B - October 2013(442 kb)
Preparation of Raw Egg Products - Issue 27C - October 2013(444 kb)
Standard 1.6.1 (RTE) Food - Listeria Specifications - Issue 9 - March 2015(502 kb)
Responsibility of food handlers with gastrointestinal illness - Issue 30 - April 2015(434 kb)
Cleaning and Sanitising of Mechanical Equipment - Issue 31 - October 2015(443 kb)
Cleaning and Sanitising of Mechanical Equipment - Fact Sheet(115 kb)
Sanitising Food Contact Areas Bulletin (116 kb)

Other Food Safety Information and Resourses available
Food Standards Australia New Zealand
SA Health Food Safety    
Food Safety Information Council 


If you are concerned about practices you have witnessed occur at a food business in the City of Mount Gambier council area, you can report it to Authorised Officers using the below Food Complaint Form. Food complaints refer to issues that may impact on the safety of food and do not include the quality of meals or customer service. Examples of relevant food complaints that may negatively affect the safety of food are included on the complaint form. It is recommended that if you are concerned, in the first instance speak with the food business owner or manager, as they may be able to explain or rectify the issue immediately.
Food and Public Health Complaint Kit(731 kb) 


Community groups and schools are able to request food safety presentations from Authorised Officers by writing to Council. Presentations include food handler hygiene and health, appropriate storage of food and hand washing demonstrations and can be adjusted slightly to suit audiences.

  • Food Safety at Home
    The Food Safety Information Council reports that of the estimated 5.4 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year, one third are thought to be caused by food handling in the home. Basic steps to help prevent food poisoning include following the four tips: Clean, Cook, Chill and Separate. See the documents below for more food safety information in the home or view the links provided under ‘other resources’.
    Egg Safety in the Home
    Preventing Food Poisoning at Home (85 kb)

  • Food Safety Week
    During the first week of November Council participates in the National Food Safety Week to highlight the importance of food safety and preventing food poisoning in the community. A range of activities are held in Mount Gambier based on the annual topic set by the Food Safety Information Council and can include; information displays in Mount Gambier Library and Civic Centre, Q&A with Authorised Officers, food safety giveaways and demonstrations.


   Food Safety Fundamentals With Adam Liaw

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