Experience Mount Gambier

These A4 sheets have been devised to help you make the most of your stay to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. There are many suggestions for what to see and do. Each sheet has a basic map on the back which will give you an indication of your planned route.

Top 10 Sights and Experiences

The 'Must Sees' of Mount Gambier, all of our major attractions are open everyday, and most are free of charge. Download this list to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Top 10 Sights and Experiences(152 kb)

Things to Do - Kids and Teens

Download this list if you are travelling with children, included are all the no cost, or low cost, kids based activities.

Things to do Kids and Teens(197 kb)

48 Hours in Mount Gambier

If you are only here for a short time or just a weekend, these suggestions will make sure you experience the best Mount Gambier has to offer. Highlights include all our natural attractions as well as markets, wineries and night life.

48 Hours in Mount Gambier(148 kb)

One Week in Mount Gambier

Download this list of touring drives if you plan to use Mount Gambier as a base to tour the region, includes highlights of Mount Gambier and other highlights within a 50 kilometre radius.

One Week in Mount Gambier(201 kb)

Tours to the North, South, East and West

These four drives take you further into our beautiful region, a full day trip in each direction with everything to see and do along the way. Alternately use them to help plan what you are going to see along the way in too Mount Gambier, or as you depart.

 Tour to the North(138 kb)

 Tour to South(106 kb)

Tour to the East(169 kb)

Tour to West(156 kb)

Pet Guide

This guide provides information on Accommodation and Pet  friendly options and attractions.

 Pet Guide(225 kb)


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